ONE-OFF Simulation Exam

In-service certification WOF ONE-OFF simulation test

You are about to take the Online ONE-OFF  simulation test, this simulation test is a demonstration of how VI Training simulation test operates, also tests your knowledge of testing. Is important to complete this simulation test as Every ONE-OFF simulation exam will be recorded into your Score History.

Warning: Please be aware that this ONE-OFF Simulation Exam test has a limited number of questions and it's recommended to not purchase more than one exam per applicant. We are not required to refund any charges paid by you if you decide to purchase the same exam multiple times.

If you're not sure what option to chose after you completed your On-line Vehicle Inspection ONE-OFF Simulation Exam please  CONTACT US so we can help you find the course that's right for you.

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WOF ONE-OFF Simulation Exam


Please note that there are additional requirements to become a vehicle inspector. Individuals must refer to the NZTA Vehicle Inspection Requirements Manual (VIRM) for full details on the eligibility criteria for vehicle inspectors. Completing the VI TRAINING Preparatory Course does not guarantee an individual will be approved by NZTA.

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