WOF THEORY Training Portal Package

WOF THEORY Training Portal Package

In-service certification WOF training packages

Complete training packages that cover a complete category of the VIRM. You can choose between 3 months FOR BEGINNERS, 2 months for FOR INTERMEDIATES, depending on the experience and knowledge of the VIRM area you're in. You'll get full access to the IntroductionGeneral Vehicles, General Trailers, and Motorcycles modules as well as unlimited simulation testing.

If you're not sure what option to chose please  CONTACT US so we can help you find the course that's right for you.

All orders and services are subject to our terms and conditions of service and policies.  Please read and make sure you read and understand these terms and policies prior to placing any orders


Please note that there are additional requirements to become a vehicle inspector. Individuals must refer to the NZTA Vehicle Inspection Requirements Manual (VIRM) for full details on the eligibility criteria for vehicle inspectors. Completing the VI TRAINING Preparatory Course does not guarantee an individual will be approved by NZTA.

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